Green Focus Group (GF) is one of the active non-governmental organizations in Mongolia and has continuously operated in the environmental, social, health and safety as well as disaster mitigation sectors since 2008.

GF combines the forces of two Mongolian firms: Guide to Mongolia LLC and Green Focus LLC. as well as Green Focus Facilitator Non Governmental organizations.
- Guide to Mongolia LLC (GTM) has been operating since 2006 in environmental, social and other sectors and is licensed by the Mongolian government to carry out Detailed Environmental Impact Assessments (DEIA).
- Green Focus Facilitator NGO (GFF) was established in 2008 in order to conduct public benefit activities on a not–for-profit basis.
- Green Focus is (GFA) the company that entire operation is focused on environmental auditing and it was established in 2015.

These entities operate under one management and with shared human, equipment and financial resources. Our consulting services cover DEIA, environmental surveys and studies, social surveys, pollution control, eco tourism, health and industrial hazardous waste and materials management (Hazmat), health and safety (H&S) instructions and surveys, disaster mitigation and environment and disaster vulnerability mitigation.

We identify impacts and develop management plans to minimize or eliminate these impacts and we follow up on implementation and monitoring of these plans. In addition, we have experience in organizing professional trainings and conferences.

As a not-for-profit organization GFF works for public benefits on raising environmental awareness, supporting community based natural resource management and promoting various environment friendly initiatives through various stakeholders including NGOs, government bodies, scientific groups and local communities.

GF has carried out numerous public consultations, studies, training, and planning and monitoring activities using participatory approaches as well as it is a active player in public dialogue on environmental legislation and policy framework and provide inputs in various economic projects and programs with high environmental and social impact

The core team consists of ecologists, hydrologists, soil specialists, and wildlife specialists. We also employ associate experts specialized in social issues, Hazmat, H&S and related fields who all share our vision on environmental and social issues. GTM has a strong nationwide network of persons and organizations which enables us to carry out high quality work nationwide.

The first time in Mongolia in 2013, Ministry of Environment and Green Development has approved environmental auditing regulations. The following year, MEGD has begun to prepare the auditors and Green Focus Audit LLC (GFA) has been established in 2015 and ever since GFA has been one of active players in the environmental auditing area.