Green Focus Group has worked on various areas since the establishment. Our partners have been government entities, various donor organizations and private sector representatives. We have listed herewith summary of the activities along with corresponding list of reports for the projects and assignments which we have completed so far.
We herewith have only highlighted the biggest Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment works and Environmental audits.

Duration Client, Project, Brief Description of Work
Mar-Nov, 2014 Asia Foundation
Project tile: The Engaging Stakeholders in Environmental Conservation II project
Main project features:  Assessed the quality of artisanal mined sites in comparison with surrounding natural soil which was not disturbed by mining; developed the Frugal Rehabilitation Methodology/Guideline is designed to be implemented by organized or formalized Local Artisanal Mining Community NGOs and/or partnerships;and conducted rehabilitation activity by the small scale miners based on their financial capacity by considering the future use of the site and consistent with local ecology at the small scale mine site.
Target site: Dornod, Selenge, Dornogobi, Bayankhnogor and Gobi-Altai aimags
Sep–Dec, 2013 Asian Development Bank
Project tile: Environmental Safeguard Screening for Skills for Development
Main project features: The consultant reviewed the project’s environmental implications, and develops an environment assessment and reviewed framework which would specify requirements for generic environmental management plans (EMPs), identifying all potential environmental impacts related to minor modifications of existing buildings, and defining required mitigation measures. The consultant assisted the executing agency in (i) defining procedures for sub-project screening and selection, (ii) development and approval of site-specific EMPs, and (iii) EMP compliance monitoring. The consultant assessed the capacity of the executing agency, the implementing agencies, and the project implementation unit for environmental management, monitoring, and supervision, and recommended required institutional strengthening and capacity building measures. The consultant prepared environment safeguards related contract clauses for civil works, and prepared the required RRP appendixes.
Target site: UB and western aimags
Oct-Nov, 2013 European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Project tile: Conducting Market Due Diligence – Sharyn Gol Loan
Main project features: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (is considering providing finance to Sharyn Gol for 10 million USD. Thus the EBRD required an independent opinion of an external consultant (the “Consultant”) on the thermal coal market in Mongolia. The Consultant estimated the market’s size and potential growth, prepared an analysis of competitors and reviewed the Company’s marketing plan and sales forecasts.
Target site: UB and secondary cities
Jun, 2009 - Sep, 2013 Millennium Challenge Corporation
Project tile: Environmental and Social Oversight Consultant (ESOC) for Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia Compact (in consortium with Euroconsult Mott MacDonald)
Main project features: Based on the own assessment the team had developed relevant management plans covering environment, resettlement, health and safety, gender, hazardous materials and waste and social aspects of all six MCA-Mongolia compact projects.  In order to ensure successful implementation of these management plans, ESOC has conducted monitoring and numerous series of trainings for MCA-Mongolia staff, contractors, beneficiaries, NGOs and government officials. GFF also provided monitoring training equipment to relevant stakeholders.
Target site: Nationwide
Aug, 2011 - Aug. 2013 European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Project tile: Project Implementer for UB Clean Air Initiative II
Main project features:  The team had conducted institutional assessment development, improving legal environment, fuel testing, public awareness and stakeholder coordination relation to air pollution reduction management.
Target site: UB and secondary cities
May-Dec, 2011 World Bank
Project tile: Developing Strengthening Inter-sectoral Cooperation for Environmental Policy
Main assignment features: Ensured better integration of environmental considerations in sectoral policies, for example, in better addressing the lack of compliance with regulations on mining waste and the management of air quality in Ulaanbaatar.
Target site: Mongolia
Mar-Dec, 2010 World Bank
Project tile: Developing a Study of Management and Accountability of Soum Rangers and Aimag Inspectors in Mongolia
Main assignment features:  The objective of this consultancy was to analyze these key elements of the personnel management regime for soum-level rangers and aimag-level inspectors.  The key elements of the personnel management regime for these staff, and for public sector employees more broadly are a) the overall legal framework governing the different types of public sector employees; b) the reward structures that impact the performance and motivation of public sector employees; and c) the modules for recruiting, promoting, and disciplining staff.
Target site:  UB and Selenge
Mar-May, 2009 German Agency for Technical Cooperation
Project tile: Developing Design for Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resource Project
Main assignment features: Developed PAs management plan using both gualitative and quantitative  methods
Target site: Khangai region
Mar, 2009 International Food and Agriculture Development Organization
Project tile: Developing Project Design Herders livelihood improvement
Main assignment features:  Project design preparation research, pasture research, analysis for current IFAD project for herders livelihood improvement
Target site: Bulgan
Jul, 2009 - Mar, 2010 World Bank
Project tile: Preparation of the Forest Landscape Development and Conservation Project
Main assignment features: Conducted forest ecology survey, forest fire, forestry, community forestry management and protected area management, project design preparation
Target site: Khentii, Bulgan, Selenge and Tuv aimags
May-Jun, 2008 United Nations Development Programme
Project tile: Preparation to the Strengthening the Protected Area Network of Mongolia
Main assignment features: Developed the project concepts paper, PIF, Protected Area management stakeholder survey and stakeholder analysis, workshops and project design (using both qualitative and quantitative methods)
Target site: Ovorkhangai and Tuv (Orkhon valley and Khustai Nuruu PAs)
Feb-Oct, 2008 United Nations Food and Agriculture Origanization
Project tile: Developing Case Study for Forest Tenure in Mongolia
Main assignment features:  Forestry ecology survey and community forestry groups analysis
Target site: Nationwide but with specific focus on Selenge
Nov-Dec, 2008 United Nations Development Programme
Project title: Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural
Resources Project
Main assignment features: Assisted  to establish buffer zone counsels inprotected areas of Khangai region in Bat Ulziit, Tsenkher and Erdene-Tsogtsoums through conducting series of participatory training and planning.
Target site:  Ovorkhangai and Bayankhongor
Jun-Nov, 2008 German Agency for Technical Cooperation
Project title: Preparing baseline survey for Environmental Communication and Environmental Education Project
Main assignment features: Measure the general public awareness on environmental issues and on environmental behavior, assess the level of understanding of both causal factors, and solutions for problems, ascertain the source(s) of understanding; and gauge the level of resources (i.e. media) available (using both qualitative and quantitative  methods)
Target site:  Khangai region, Khentii and Selenge
Sep-Dec, 2008 Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Project title: Conducting Training for Sustainable Poverty Reduction through Agricultural Development Project (SPADE)
Main assignment features: GFF has conducted survey to identify training. Needs of Target group in environmental management field and developed training hand out then conducted  training to fulfill these needs. Moreover, GFF has assisted SPADE to develop environmental management training strategy for 2009 for its various stakeholders.
Target site: Gobi region
Feb-Oct, 2007 Asian Development Bank:
Project title: Conducting The Mongolia Urban Development Rapid Sector Assessment
Main assignment features: Assisted in analyzing the recent developments in the urban environment sector over the period 2002-2006. The mission included the collection and collation of statistics regarding main sector performance indicators, as well as collection of reports and other information regarding the development challenges, government responses to these challenges, and the policy agenda in the sector.
Target site: Ulaanbaatar and Dornogobi
Environmental Detailed Impact Assessments (Confidential information)
2016 Lime Stone Mine of Monre LLC.
2016 Lime Stone Processing Factory of Monre LLC.
2014 Tuul River Bridge Amendment/Ulaanbaatar Municipality/
2013 “Mandakh Nar” Tourist camp,  Bayanzurkh district, UB
2012 Tuul River Bridge for North – South Road Project/MCA – Mongolia compact/
2012 Uliastai to Nalaikh /MCA – Mongolia compact/
2010 Factory complex in Bayangol district in UB, Monos Pharmacy
2009 “Monos Cosmetics” Factory etcetera.
Environmental Audits
2016 Stone Mine Deposit and Processing Factory of Andsurvey LLC
2016 Concrete factories of Premium Concrete LLC.
2015 Overall operation of Monre LLC.
2014 Wind Farm Clean Renewable Energy project of “Newcom” Group Pilot experimental auditing work.